I love the stories that make up our life. And I love for the photographs I take to tell these stories.

The moments of grace and beauty parents have with their newborn, the joyful, curious smiles of a toddler, the way a bride embraces her new husband, and the candid, real, relationships all families share.

After receiving a BFA in Photography at St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN, I worked as a photojournalist for multiple newspapers, as well as with documentary photographer Lauren Greenfield in Venice, CA. I opened my photography studio in Peoria, IL, in 2005.

My husband, Dave, is my best friend. And we are blessed with a sweet 2-year-old, Norah, as well as twins that will be arriving in the Fall 2011. 

Kristine is our full-time office manager who keeps things running smoothly behind the scene while I am able to use my creative energy while shooting.

Nothing compares to the joy I feel everyday while documenting a new story, or a new moment, in someone's life.